Season One



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Episode Four: Overcoming Feeling Guilty + Body Shaming- This week, we talk balance, slowing down (eek!), and how to find time for yourself. Listen in as we coach a working mom work through the feelings of guilt that come from making time for herself. 



Episode Three: Moving On From an Old Relationship- Mindfulness, what is it? How does it relate to stress? And what do we mean by Mindfulness in Real Life? We break it down all while coaching an insightful female navigate her broken heart and find the tools to get unstuck from an old relationship that is keeping her hanging on. 



Episode Two - Navigating Sibling Dynamics with a Growing Family: There are 5 main areas where you experience stress, do you know what they are? This week, we focus on the top categories that cause stress in your life, all while coaching a loving sister navigating what it means to be "adult siblings" as life keeps shifting and everyone grows in their own direction. 



Episode One- Being Present as a Working Mom Summary: Stress impacts us all, but the key is to learn how it personally effects you and how to shift your relationship to it. Welcome to Episode One where we talk stress, mindset, and getting unstuck all while coaching a bad a** working mom figuring out how to stay present when she is trying to balance it all. 



Pilot Sneak Peak :: Before you can embrace the movement, you will need to know what you are signing up for. What is UNSNUCKed and why do we all need to know about it? Let us introduce you to our way to handle the dreaded "S" word.